7 Marathon Runners Share Their Marathon Advice

Nearly 30,000 marathon runners will be lacing up their shoes for this Sunday’s New York City Marathon. Globally, more than a million athletes annually experience the nonstop physical and mental rush those 26.2 marathon miles can bring. To get to both the starting and finish line requires several month worth of training which include early morning runs, dialing-in nutrition, and rehabbing sore and fatigued muscles.

But as most marathoners say, once you catch the “running bug,” there’s no going back. But no matter if you’re a seasoned runner entering your 20th marathon or a rookie preparing for your very first 26.2 miler, constantly looking for ways to improve running performance and shave off time from your finish is a process that goes right up until race day.

So, once all your training mileage is logged in, what else is left for you to squeeze a few more seconds off your time. Seven running veterans provide their top race week tips on what they do to hit a PR and run their best race possible.

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Originally posted 2022-11-03 16:07:07.