Electronic Spices 16 in 1 25watt Soldering Iron Starter Kit for DIY Craft and Electronic and Industrial Work

Price: ₹999 - ₹809.00
(as of Jul 07, 2024 16:42:19 UTC – Details)

25 Watt Soldering Iron for General Purpose use not for heavy duty works. It comes in light weight with 3-core power cord 1.5 meters. working temperature in a matter of few minutes. It has constant Tip temperature, Polypropylene handle for a better quality body and Low current leakage. High-Quality 25W Iron with Copper Soldering 25W Bit with Chrome Finish for Light Works and used for various purposes like home DIY soldering (hobby crafts), electronic projects, repair jobs (appliances, computer, cellphones, and the likes.), simple wiring of small appliances, educational projects (learning and practice soldering), development of simple electronic circuit boards, wire connections and reworks, workshops, and the likes. Durable elements but not for heavy industrial use. This is great kit having all necessary tools for beginners who wants to learn soldering or it’s related work or projects. Best suitable for day to day soldering requirements. It offers a basic soldering experience and used Good quality iron with quick heating. You can even do small SMD soldering too with this iron.This Soldering iron come with multimeter starter kit 25watt soldering iron/digital multimeter/iron bit/solder stand/solder wire/desoldring pump/desolder wire/paste/cutter tester/tape/tweezer/Screw Driver/Magnify Glass/Screwdriver set/Pliers
A complete soldering kit for beginners
25Watt Soldering Iron Starter Kit for DIY Craft Electronics Work and Industrial Work (16 IN 1)