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Survivor Season 43:-The CBS Survivor Season 43 finale will air on December 14, 2022 at 8/7c, and will be discussing the date and timings. For the latest information on CBS Survivor Season 43 of the year 2022, stay connected with us. Survivor S43 (2022), America’s favorite reality program, is back with a fresh cast and tribes. We’ll also examine 18 new candidates this season, who will be divided into three new tribes: Baka, Coco, and Vesi.

The left candidates will subsequently be combined into a new tribe called Gaia after a vote out. Survivor S43 will premiere on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 8 p.m., with a two-hour premiere episode. On CBS TV and Global, find 7c. For more information on CBS Survivor 43’s entire cast, check out Catch Up Under.


Survivor Season 43

Survivor Season 43 (Survivor 2022) came to a close with the top five finalists from CBS TV’s most popular reality program. On September 21, 2022, eighteen fresh castaways were divided into three tribes named Baka, Coco, and Vesi to begin Survivor 43. They were eventually integrated into the Gaia tribe. The top five finalists who competed in the tonight’s finale challenges were chosen from these 18 candidates, and they will be crowned as the Sole Survivor.

Survivor Season 43

The final five rounds were completed on December 14, 2022, followed by the final four rounds. The top three players advanced to the next round, while the bottom two were eliminated and joined the jury. Ultimately, a jury chosen the best three and declared one of them the winner of Survivor Season 43.

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Survivor Season 43 Details

Survivor Season 43 Winner & Runner-Up 

Gabler is the champion of Survivor Season 43. He won the Sole Survivor title by crowning himself.

Winner Name: Mike Gabler

Runner-up Name: Cassidy Clark

2nd Runner-up Name: Owen Knight

Mike Gabler

Adam Pick, author and founder of the Patient Advocate website, wrote this piece. The date was set for December 15, 2022. Mike Gabler, Edwards Lifesciences’ transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) specialist, has won Survivor 43!

Mike Gabler

Cassidy Clark

At the conclusion of Survivor season 43, Cassidy Clark was successful in reaching the final tribal council, but she was shocked to be defeated by Mike Gabler. Cassidy flew under the radar on Survivor, but when it came to the vote, he always knew what was going to happen. She made it to the end due to her impressive challenge ability, which she used three times in the game to earn individual immunities. Gabler’s game, on the other hand, impressed the jury, and Cassidy received only one vote to win.

Cassidy Clark

Owen Knight

To populate the Brotherhood of Winged Knights’ membership, Sir Owen is one of the knights assembled at the Gates of the Moon for a tournament. Ser Lyn Corbray knocks him senseless during a practice session.

Owen Knight

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Survivor 43 Jury Members

Jesse, Karla, Cody, Sami, Noelle, Ryan, James, and Jeanine were the jury members on Survivor 43. Let’s see who will be proclaimed the Sole Survivor in the coming days.

Sr No. Contestant Name
1 Jeanine Zheng
2 James Jones
3 Ryan Medrano
4 Noelle Lambert
5 Sami Layadi


Telecast Details Of CBS Survivor 2022 

Show Name CBS Survivor 43
Channel / Network CBS
Location Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Start Date September 21, 2022
Telecast Time Wednesday at 8|7c
Repeat Telecast TBA

Prize Money Of Survivor 43

Along with a life-changing prize money of US $1 million, the winner of Survivor 43 earned the Sole Survivor Title.

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Do Survivor runner ups win money?

Each castaway who makes it to the final tribal council receives around $10,000 for the reunion show, with the survivor paying all contestants or castaways. With the second place adding an extra $100,000, the third-place finisher may tack on an extra $85,000 (before taxes).

Does everyone get money for being on Survivor?

So if you think about it, paying Survivor competitors makes sense. Ultimately, they’ll be on TV. That is something that they are obligated to pay for. The winner gets the big bucks, but the runners-up get a prize at the conclusion of the season, which is nice.

Do Survivor contestants get food?

Many contestants win rewards that allow them to eat a bit more, despite the limited food available to Survivor participants throughout the season. Formerly, all competitors received the merge feast, but in today’s world, just one group of individuals does.

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