11/8/6/4PCS Acne Blackhead Removal Needles Black Dots Cleaner Black Head Pore Cleaner Deep Cleansing Tool Face Skin Care Tool

Price: 2,83 - 2,54

Feature and function:

1.Round loop:treating squeeze stubborn acnes,blackhead/whiteheadspimples and fat granules

2. Sharp Needle: using sharp tip easily needles the surface skin of acne

3.Triangular: special triangular design removes acnesblackheads and fat granules

4.Tweezer: Use clamps tips to pick on acne gentlythen pull out blackhead/whitehead

5.Squeezing loop:Squeezing loop side is better clean up remained blockages after masking

6.Oval loop: Used for whiteheads and ideal for hard to reach areas

7.Flat Wire: For squeezing big pore on face

8.Bowl loop: Accurately squeeze out abscesses and less pain

9.Flat loop: Used to apply gentle pressure to the area. push out the trapped sebum10.Small loop: Used for whiteheads which is in hard reach area

Product material: stainless steel
Product function: used to remove acne, blackheads, acne and other problems
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