2022 CrossFit Games Day One Results

The first day of Individual competition at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games is in the books. Ricky Garard and Mal O’Brien lead the respective Individual divisions with 270 points each and sit in first place after three events. Reigning Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros and 17-year-old rookie Emma Lawson are in second place, and Jonne Koski and Arielle Loewen are in third, respectively. 

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The competitors began their day at 10 a.m. Eastern time in Madison, WI. They were active for the most part, save for a rain and lightning delay that pushed Individual Event Two — the “Shuttle to Overhead” — to Thursday, August 4. Thursday was initially intended to be a rest day for both Individual divisions and the Teams

2022 CrossFit Games Individual Leaderboard

Editor’s Note: On Feb. 24, 2022, CrossFit released a statement in which they said they would not recognize the governments of Russia or Belarus throughout the 2022 season. As a result, CrossFit has removed Russian and Belarusian flags and names from the profiles of Individual and Team competitors.

Here is the leaderboard of the top 10 Individual athletes in both divisions after the first day of the 2022 CrossFit Games. 


  1. Ricky Garard [Australia] — 270 points
  2. Justin Medeiros [USA] — 258 points
  3. Jonne Koski [Finland] — 243 points
  4. Patrick Vellner [Canada] — 237 points
  5. Roman Khrennikov [Russia] — 231 points
  6. Lazar Dukic [Serbia] — 231 points
  7. Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson [Iceland] — 211 points
  8. Nick Mathew [USA] — 200 points
  9. Noah Ohlsen [USA] — 198 points
  10. Uhldis Upenieks [Latvia] — 192 points


  1. Mallory O’Brien [USA] — 270 points
  2. Emma Lawson [Canada] — 243 points
  3. Arielle Loewen [USA] — 237 points
  4. Kristi Eramo O’Connell [USA] — 228 points
  5. Haley Adams [USA] — 225 points
  6. Alexis Raptis [USA] — 219 points
  7. Danielle Brandon [USA] — 213 points
  8. Tia-Clair Toomey [Australia] — 209 points
  9. Kara Saunders [Australia] — 207 points
  10. Rebecca Fuselier [USA] — 183 points

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Event One Results — “Bike to Work”

For time:

  • 75 Toes-to-Bars
  • Five-mile Bike
  • 75 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
  • Five-mile Bike

Time limit: 50 minutes

The opening event for the Individual Men and Women saw the athletes use a Trek bike with all-terrain tires. They left North Park and rode five laps around a one-mile course. A time limit of 50 minutes meant this event was more about maintaining a steady and consistent pace before completing the requisite toes-to-bars and chest-to-bars. 

Saxon Panchik, Lazar Đukić, Danielle Brandon, and Elena Carratala Sanahuja each did not complete all five laps and were given penalties on the scoreboard accordingly. The time equivalent to the slowest lap was added to their respective final scores. 

Editor’s Note: There was a mix-up regarding the number of laps several athletes finished. The overall leaderboard may change with a further review that could penalize some athletes. 

Here are the top five in both divisions for Event One:

Individual Women

  1. Haley Adams — 38:23.74
  2. Tia-Clair Toomey — 38:26.64
  3. Emma Lawson — 38.30.48
  4. Alexis Raptis — 39.01.04
  5. Laura Horvath — 39.01.25

Individual Men

  1. Ricky Garard — 36:47.61
  2. Jonne Koski — 36:49.34
  3. Justin Medeiros — 36:53.65
  4. Jeffrey Adler — 37:06.17
  5. Spencer Panchik — 37:17.00

On the Women’s side, Haley Adams, reigning five-time Fittest Woman on Earth®, Tia-Clair Toomey, and Lawson eventually paced ahead of the field. While Toomey finished more pull-ups and got to the final bike ride first, Adams stayed tight to Toomey as both lapped several groups of athletes riding a little slower. Adams would pull ahead, maintain a dominant position, and claim her first career event win at the CrossFit Games with a time of 38:23.74. Toomey finished second, while Lawson had a third-place result. 

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On the Men’s side, Medeiros, Koski, and Lazar Đukić traded the lead during the pull-ups, but Koski made it to the bike first. This was when part of the rain began to fall on the contest. Koski would eventually pull away by 22 seconds before a group he disguised himself in drafted off of his presence. At around this time, Spencer Panchik and Đukić came into the arena crossing the finish line, but they had skipped an entire lap. Koski would then cross the finish line behind Garard, who also may have skipped a lap with Medeiros not far behind. 

After reviewing the confusing situation, Panchik and Đukić were penalized for not finishing all five laps. Meanwhile, Garard was named the winner with a time of 36:47.61 ahead of Koski. It was determined that Garard didn’t skip a lap. 

Event Three Results “Skill Speed Medley”

Quarterfinal Round:

  • Pegboard Ascents — Men: Three ascents | Women: Two ascents
  • 75 Unbroken Single-Unders
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Left)
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Right)
  • Handstand Walk Course

Semifinal Round:

  • Strict Pegboard Ascents — Men: Two ascents | Women: One ascent
  • 50 Unbroken Double-Unders
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Left)
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Right)
  • Handstand Walk Course (Pirouette Start)

Final Round:

  • One Strict Pegboard Ascents
  • 25 Double-Unders Cross Overs
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Left)
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Right)
  • Handstand Walk Course (Low Start)

Time limit: Three minutes

Event Three was the defacto second Individual event of the CrossFit Games with the postponement of Event Two because of weather delays. Despite the confusion of Event One, Event Three went off on schedule without a hitch. Emily Rolfe withdrew from the competition after Event One, leaving 39 Individual Women and 40 Individual Men to compete in Event Three. 

Here are the top five in both divisions for Event Two:

Individual Women

  1. Danielle Brandon
  2. Rebecca Fuselier
  3. Emma Lawson
  4. Elisa Fuliano
  5. Mal O’Brien

Individual Men

  1. Nick Mathew
  2. Guilherme Malheiros
  3. Justin Medeiros
  4. Pat Vellner
  5. Ricky Garard

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Event Three was the defacto second Individual event of the CrossFit Games with the postponement of Event Two because of weather delays. Despite the confusion of Event One, Event Three went off on schedule without a hitch. 


On the Women’s side, the Quarterfinal Round saw O’Brien finish with a time of 2:02.31 after Lawson (second place/2:17.11) fell on the handstand walk. In the SemiFinal Round featuring the top 20 Women, Toomey did not qualify. She finished in 23rd place — the second-worst Games event result of her career. Mal O’Brien also won the SemiFinal with a time of 1:44.43, taking the lead at the end of the pistol squats ahead of Brandon. Ten athletes advanced to the Final Round, where none made it through the double-under crossovers. Brandon would win the overall Event after reaching the jump ropes first

On the Men’s side, Ohlsen used his gymnastics proficiency to pace ahead of the field with a time of 2:01.96. The SemiFinal, featuring the top 20 men, saw a back-and-forth between Ohlsen, Garard, and Medeiros. Garard would eventually take the lead with a strong showing in the pistol squats and handstand walk to a first-place time of 1:59.97. Once the Final came around, an early slip on the pegboard cost Medeiros a significant portion of time. Matthew would reach the jump ropes first with a time of 2:14.28, winning the event. Malheiros finished in second at 2:48.93. 

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Event Four “Elizabeth Elevated”

21-15-9-9-9 reps for time of:

  • Squat Cleans
  • Dips with Parallel Bar Traverses

Time cap: Women — 12 minutes, Men — 10 minutes

Women: 95-pound cleans | Men: 135-pound cleans

Event Four, entitled “Elizabeth Elevated,” — where the athletes completed squats and dips — closed out the first day of the CrossFit Games for Individual competitors. 

Here are the top five in both divisions for Event Four:

Individual Women

  1. Arielle Loewen — 10:17.06
  2. Kara Saunders — 10:31.72
  3. Mal O’Brien — 10:33.77
  4. Kristi Eramo O’Connell — 10:37.31
  5. Emma McQuaid — 10:42.96

Individual Men

  1. Pat Vellner — 8:42.16
  2. Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 9:20.11
  3. Colten Mertens — 9:24.49
  4. Noah Ohlsen — 9:39.12
  5. Uldis Upenieks — 9:46.81

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On the Women’s side, in the fourth heat, Arielle Loewen took the lead ahead of Toomey and O’Brien with a solid performance on the parallel bars. In the second round, Loewen surged ahead of Toomey, who fell back to fifth place in the heat. With three reps left at the 10-minute mark, Loewen had to beat Kara Saunders’ time of 10:31.72 from the third heat. She did so, winning the first Games event of her career with a time of 10:17.06. O’Brien finished third overall (10:33.77).

On the Men’s side, once again in the fourth heat, Pat Vellner charged ahead of Garard and Roman Khrennikov after the end of the second round of nine. Vellner had a minute and a half to spare when he reached the final round of dips, having already matched Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson’s best time, who competed in the third heat. Vellner won the event with a time of 8:42.16. Gudmundsson (9:20.11) and Mertens (9:24.49) took second and third place, respectively. 

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Day Two is Next 

Thursday, August 2, 2022, was originally intended as a rest day for the Individual and Team athletes. However, due to a rain delay, Event Two (the “Shuttle to Overhead”) will take place after the opening ceremonies for the Age Group and Adaptive Divisions — who will start their portion of the competition. There are 10 events left for the Individual athletes to run throughout the rest of the competition. After Day One, the Individual podium in both divisions looks relatively open for any athlete to seize a promising opportunity over the rest of the weekend. 

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