GPOD on the Road: Abkhazi Garden

Cherry Ong is taking us to visit Abkhazi Garden in Victoria, British Columbia. These photos are from a trip she took there this spring.

large red Japanese mapleJapanese maples (Acer palmatum, Zones 5–9) are always beautiful, but look at the incredible trunk on this old cutleaf variety. It is an incredible piece of living sculpture.

wide view of the garden in spring with lots of still bare plantsLooking across the garden, there is some truly beautiful stone carefully accented by beautiful plants.

close up of plant with spotted foliageThis clump of Asian mayapple, with outrageous spotted foliage, looks like the variety Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’, (Zones 6–9).

large flowering shrubs in bloomThis stunning Rhododendron is in full bloom. In climates where they thrive—like the Pacific Northwest—rhododendrons can be overplanted, but it is easy to see why. What a beautiful plant!

large native oak trees with no leaves in the gardenBeautiful garry oaks (Quercus garryana, Zones 6–9) cast wild shadows on the lawn. This species of oak, native to the west coast of North America, is being threatened as its native habitat is destroyed by urban development.

dwarf conifer and tiny succulents in a stone containerSometimes simplicity is the most effective approach, as exemplified by this beautiful container with its single dwarf conifer offset by a carpet of hens-and-chicks (Sempervivium sp, Zones 4–8).

garden pond with waterlilies and surrounded by conifersThe pond is ringed by beautiful stones and conifers. The leaves of waterlilies (Nyphmaea, Zones 4–10) are just coming up to the surface.

two turtles on the edge of the pondThe local turtles are big fans of the water as well.

close up of a single white and single pink flowerTwo blooms from Anemone nemorosa (Zones 5–8) varieties—the one on the left is the double cultivar ‘Vestal’.

close up of plants with small yellow flowers in shadeThis trout lily (Erythronium) is probably the hybrid ‘Pagoda’ (Zones 4–9). Different species of trout lily are native to woodlands around North America and give elegant spring displays of bloom in shade.

close up of white trout lilyThis gorgeous trout lily is probably ‘White Beauty’.


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Originally posted 2022-08-26 15:28:10.