GPOD on the Road: Garden Tour With Cherry

This week we’re on the road with Cherry Ong again, looking back at some gardens she got to visit on a garden tour organized by the Toronto Botanical Garden. Today is another beautiful private home garden, full of great ideas worth stealing for your own garden.

rustic wooden table and chairs on a garden patioAt the heart of the back garden is a patio area with this large table and several chairs for lounging and relaxing. I need more of this in my garden at home! And I love the small, informal bouquet of flowers on the table.

fencing with bright blue flowers growing up the frontThe elegant fencing doubles as a support for this spire of perfect blue delphiniums (Delphinium elatum, Zones 4–8).

large planting of purple catmintCatmint (Nepeta × faassenii, Zones 3–8) is a durable, easy-to-grow perennial that will rebloom if you cut it back when the first flush of flowers fade.

large vine covering the front of a buildingVirginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Zones 3–9) covers this building with lush green foliage, giving the space a wonderful, wild feel. This climbing vine is native to much of eastern and central North America and will happily climb up any wall or tree. The leaves feed the caterpillars of several species of beautiful moths, and birds love the blue berries it produces. It is beautiful all summer but really shines in the fall when the leaves turn brilliant shades of orange and red.

small wooden table and lounge chair in front of a small garden bedThis is a garden for enjoying! Comfortable chairs, with an umbrella and a table for a drink or snack, help make that possible.

border garden with lots of hostas and foliage plantsHostas fill in the back of this border, with a line of lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis, Zones 3–8) in the front covered with lime-green flowers.

garden bed full of pink and purple flowersThis border is in shades of purple from salvia (Salvia nemorosa, Zones 4–8), a bearded iris (Iris hybrid, Zones 3–8), and many other perennials.

close up of dark purple bearded iris flowerBearded irises come in basically every color imaginable except for red, but I think they do these dark, rich tones particularly well.

ferns and white flowers in an ornate white urn containerA simple combination of green fern and white impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri, Zones 9–11) is a perfect complement to this urn.


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Originally posted 2022-10-09 18:17:04.