Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Swan Drain Rack Multi-functional Hanging Faucet Triangular Shelf Household Gadgets Storage Tool Basket

Price: 4.79

Bullet Points:

1,Unique Design: Triangle swan shape design, making full use of the space in the corner of the sink, without taking up extra space inside the sink. The appearance is lively and lovely, very cute, and the pores are quickly discharged and not easily clogged.

2,Save Space: Multi-functional hangings filter drainage rack helps you separate wet and dry food waste, effectively filter debris, drainage, and no more clogged drainage chutes.

3,Effective Drainage: The hollow bottom design with encrypted pattern allows for quick and smooth drainage and filtration of scraps, eliminates sink drain clogging, facilitates ventilation and drainage, and makes it clean and sanitary.

4,Multi-Functional Sink Basket: A drainage basket can be placed in the sink to filter re-sidue, wash fruits, etc. The draining basket is versatile and convenient for keeping the sink countertop clean and tidy.

5,Good Stability: The long hooks of the tank filter are suitable for most water tanks. Triangular construction is applied for added stability. No need to worry about dropping, sagging or loosening. Let you use it with confidence.


Swan drain basket is made of food-grade PP material, so there is no need to worry about harmful substances. Each sink basket has been tested by our professionals to give you and your family a safe and healthy experience. The multifunctional hangings filter drain rack can effectively filter debris, drain water and stop clogging the sink. It helps you to separate wet and dry food waste.

Material: ABS

Product weight: 90g

Product size (L x W x H): 26.7 × 24 × 8.2cm / 10.5 × 9.4 × 3.2 inches

Color: yellow, orange, blue,.


1 draining rack


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