MasterChef India 2023 Elimination Today – Season 7

MasterChef India:- India’s most well-liked cooking reality show MasterChef India 2023 (Season 7) obtained big start from the audition episodes. During the auditions, many interested home cooks joined  with their well-liked dish and from them, we obtained top 36 for the next cooking challenge. From these 36 participants, we obtained top 16 home cooks who will way in in MasterChef India’s grand kitchen. These 16 cooks participants to win MasterChef India 2023’s Chef Coat & a Trophy.

In MasterChef India’s kitchen top 36 cooks will join in each week’s Mystery Box Challenge, Pressure Test, Immunity Pin Challenge also as in the Elimination Challenge. Each week, participants with the black apron compete in the elimination challenge. From them, one home cooks obtains evicted from MasterChef India 2023.


MasterChef India 2023

The MasterChef India franchise way in its S7 in 2023. The very 1st episode titled, “India Ka Swad” ventilated on 2 January 2023. Many compete joined & the final selection of the Top 16 candidates was announced on 6 January 2023 with people such as Urmaila Baa, Avinash Patnaik, Santa Sharma & more making the catalogue. In the episode, “Hindustan Ke Haatho Ka Jaadu”, the 36 selected participants had to present their dishes to the three MasterChef Judges in order to obtain shortlisted next in the Top 16 levels.

The show as well promotes the use of local & seasonal ingredients, which assists to highlight the importance of sustainable cooking practices. The judges on the show & the MasterChef India season 7 Winner 2023 are popular chefs and restaurateurs who bring their expertise & experience to the table. They provide constructive criticism & guidance to the candidates, supporting them to boost their talent and take their cooking to the forthcoming stage. The judges as well offer a worth of knowledge & motivations to the audience, who can learn from their techniques & tips.

MasterChef India 2023

MasterChef India 2023 Overview

Article Title MasterChef India 2023 Elimination
Show name MasterChef India
Season 7
Category Entertainment
Released on 2nd January 2023
Telecasted on Sony TV
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Eliminations List of MasterChef India 2023 Season 7

On 20 January 2023, Priyanka saved Priya from pressure test as she cooked best dish in previous day service challenge. Hence, remaining 6 black apron holders competed in the eviction challenge.

On 19 January 2023, at the last of 1st Team Service Challenge, team Red (Aruna-Captain, Deepa, Gurkirat, Kamaldeep, Nayanjyoti, Vineet and Avinash) suit the winner. While members of Green team (Priyanka-Captain, Santa, Dyuti, Suvarna, Yashu, Priya and Sachin) gone in tomorrow’s pressure test.

On 17 January 2023, last day winners Aruna, Suvarna, Gurkirat, Vineet, Nayanjyoti, Shanta, Kamaldeep & Priyanka competed in the 2nd round to win the Immunity Pin. At the last, top 2 cooks were Aruna & Shanta. From them, Aruna suit the winner of 1st immunity pin of MasterChef India 2023.

Sr No. Contestant Name Age Hometown Profession Status
1 Avinash Patnaik 32 yrs Odisha PhD Student In Top 12
2 Aruna Vijay 36 yrs Chennai Digital Creator In Top 12
3 Baa 78 yrs Mumbai YouTuber Eliminated
(13 January 2023)
4 Priyanka Biswas 32 yrs Kolkata Cake Artist In Top 12
5 Santa Sharma 34 yrs Assam Homemaker In Top 12
6 Nayanjyoti Saikia 26 yrs Assam Student In Top 12
7 Priya Vijan 34 yrs Bangalore Nutritionist In Top 12
8 Kamaldeep Kaur 40 yrs Ludhiana Homemaker In Top 12
9 Dyuti Banerjee 32 yrs Kolkata Professor Eliminated
(20 January 2023)
10 Vineet Yadav 23 yrs Lucknow Mehndi Artist In Top 12
11 Nazia Sultana 33 yrs Guwahati Home Chef Walked-out
(16 January 2023)
12 Gurkirat Singh Grover 24 yrs Haryana Lawyer In Top 12
13 Sachin Khatwani 22 yrs Lucknow Cloud Kitchen Owner In Top 12
14 Suvarna Bagul 41 yrs Mumbai Homemaker In Top 12
15 Deepa Chauhan 52 yrs Bangalore Entrepreneur In Top 12
16 Yashu Verma 28 yrs Kolkata Chef Eliminated
(20 January 2023)
17 Sakshi Tripathi 19 yrs Lucknow Student Eliminated
(Top 36)
18 Ratika 30 yrs Kolkata Digital Creator Eliminated
(Top 36)
19 Subhojit Sen 28 yrs Kolkata Engineer Eliminated
(Top 36)
20 Dhananjay Kode 30 yrs Himachal Pradesh Entrepreneur Eliminated
(Top 36)
21 Amjad Lala 52 yrs Hyderabad Entrepreneur Eliminated
(Top 36)
22 Shambho TBA TBA TBA Eliminated
(Top 36)
23 Kanupriya Marwah 31 yrs Jaipur Entrepreneur Eliminated
(Top 36)
24 Brijesh Pandya 29 yrs Ahmedabad Cake Artist Eliminated
(Top 36)
25 Arahant Jain 30 yrs Jaipur Chef Eliminated
(Top 36)
26 Megha Eliminated
(Top 36)
27 Biswajit Moharathi 29 yrs Bhubaneswar Chef Eliminated
(Top 36)
28 Ekta Malik 31 yrs Jammu Home Baker Eliminated
(Top 36)
29 Mhabeni Ngullei 37 yrs Nagaland Account Manager Eliminated
(Top 36)
30 Neelam Agarwal 29 yrs Siliguri Entrepreneur Eliminated
(Top 36)
31 Shishir Mehta 31 yrs Jaipur Entrepreneur Eliminated
(Top 36)
32 Rakhi Ganeriwal 31 yrs Mumbai Entrepreneur Eliminated
(Top 36)
33 Poornima Suroshi 37 yrs Indore Food Stall Owner Eliminated
(Top 36)
34 Rohan Agnani 29 yrs Mumbai Baker Eliminated
(Top 36)
35 Mohabbat Singh Cheema 36 yrs Punjab Owner Eliminated
(Top 36)
36 Chahat Gupta 30 yrs Jammu Chef Eliminated
(Top 36)
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In conclusion, MasterChef India 2023 was an incredible experience for all of us involved. It was a joy to see so many talented and passionate cooks come together to compete for the title of MasterChef India. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing show, and we thank all our viewers for their support.

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