Recessed Hole Ceiling Light Hotel Villa Home Improvement Living Room COB Downlight 7W/12W/18W/24W LED Anti-glare Spotlight

Price: 519.79 - 483.58

Independent external drive intelligent power supply drive, overload and undervoltage automatic protection, safe and stable
A High quality mirror reflector, 24 focus design, accurate light Angle
High quality metal buckle is strong and powerful, stable and reliable installation
7W: circle length 90mm, opening: 75-85mm, height: 60mm
12W: circle length 100mm, opening: 95-110mm, height: 60mm
18W: Circle length 140mm, opening: 110-125mm, height: 78mm
24W: Circular length 160mm, opening: 130-145mm, height: 78mm

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Originally posted 2022-09-11 18:49:50.