Sherine Marcelle (90KG) Logs Another Squat PR and Unofficially Exceeds the Squat World Record, Again

As she takes a step back to recalibrate, elite powerlifter Sherine Marcelle will not compete in any contests throughout the rest of the year. In the meantime, as the 90-kilogram athlete prepares for a formal return sometime in 2023, it seems she’s showing off incredible strength every time she shares updates on her training

On September 7, 2022, Marcelle posted an Instagram clip where she squatted 263 kilograms (580 pounds) raw while wearing a lifting belt and knee sleeves during a training session. According to the caption of Marcelle’s post, it’s a new personal record (PR) for the powerlifter and more than the current World Record in her weight class of 90 kilograms. 

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Marcelle’s training feat might be even more notable in comparison to official marks. That’s because Marcelle’s squat PR unofficially exceeds Amanda Lawrence‘s all-time World Record in the 90-kilogram weight class by seven kilograms (15.7 pounds). Lawrence set her record by squatting 256 kilograms (564.3 pounds) at the 2020 USA Powerlifting Gainsgiving Open.

None of this recent precedent is new to Marcelle’s established high standards of late.

For example, in early June 2022, Marcelle notched a squat with wraps of 297 kilograms (655 pounds) for a new PR. That figure unofficially eclipsed Crystal Tate’s squat with wraps World Record of 290.3 kilograms (640 pounds) from the 2017 Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition (XPC) Finals. Then, in late August 2022, the powerlifter actually completed a squat four pounds over the current 90KG World Record twice. Plus, as she displayed on her Instagram just two days prior to her latest one-rep raw squat PR, Marcelle captured a 288-kilogram (635-pound) raw squat double PR. 

At Marcelle’s current pace, logging a new PR and repeatedly making current records seem casual might be the baseline expectation for this star powerlifter. In other words: It’s all in a summer’s work for Marcelle. 

Here’s an overview of Marcelle’s all-time raw competition bests:

Sherine Marcelle | All-Time Raw Competition Bests

  • Squat — 245 kilograms (540.1 pounds)
  • Bench Press —127.5 kilograms (281.1 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 227.5 kilograms (501.5 pounds) | Third-Heaviest Squat All-Time (90KG)
  • Total — 592.5 kilograms (1,306.2 pounds)

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As a seemingly passionate athlete, Marcelle doesn’t seem to be one to shy away from wearing her heart on her sleeve. A general perusal of her social media posts denotes Marcelle consistently expressing gratitude for her peers, her journey, and her “progress” as she carves out an impressive and illustrious powerlifting career.

Marcelle’s latest squat feat post, where she discusses successfully fighting off self-doubt, is no different as an insight into her mindset. 

“These are the moments I live for,” Marcelle wrote in reference to her latest raw squat PR. “The ones where I doubt every being in me and still show up.”

Featured image: @sincerelysherine on Instagram

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