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We’re visiting with Terrie Lewine today:

I live in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, in a rowhome. I call my garden the Urban Sanctuary. The garden is a work in progress (as I imagine all gardeners say!). I’ve been here for more than six years, and I adore it. The garden is a mix of shade and sun. In the front I have raised beds for the usual herbs and veggies. I have two big trees, a holly (Ilex opaca, Zones 5–9), and a Norway maple (Acer pseudoplatanus, Zones 4–7) that were here before me, kiwi berry vines (Actinidia sp.,), roses, many natives, a pagoda with a hammock, and an outdoor soaking tub. Lots to explore!

My focus has been food (for all beings), native species, and beauty.

view of the city garden lot from the sidewalkThis is an urban space, but there is a lot of beautiful garden beyond that gate.

garden full of stone and gravel pathsAn urban sanctuary indeed—green and lush; it is a wonderful place to sit, relax, and enjoy.

small garden water feature with koi fish and potted foliage plantsA few fish live in the water feature, while next to them a pot full of golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’, Zones 3–9) glows like a puddle of sunshine.

close up of purple flowerOne of the residents of the water feature is the native pickerel weed (Pontedetia cordata, Zones 3–10), which has spikes of beautiful purple flowers.

close up of pickerel weed in the gardenMore of the pickerel weed

close up of astilbe flowersClouds of white astilbe blooms (Astilbe, Zones 4–9)

close up of pink and white columbine flowersDouble-flowered columbine (Aquilegia hybrid, Zones 3–8), with blooms in a sweet sugar pink

close up of pink and orange roseThere’s nothing like the drama of a perfect rose blossom; here, the hints of golden color echo the creeping Jenny below.

close up of cucumber plantThere is food in the garden as well; here, a cucumber is ready to be picked and enjoyed.

bee feeding off of white flowersSome plants provide food for humans and other beings. This carpenter bee is enjoying the pollen on those white flowers that will, thanks to the pollinating efforts of the bee, develop into delicious blackberries.


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Originally posted 2022-11-02 19:34:49.