The 5 Movement Postpartum Pilates Workout

For women who love to exercise, in the first few months performing a pilates postpartum workout can be mentally and physically challenging. Hormones are all over the place, pelvic floor muscles have been weakened, and deadlifts seem to be a thing of the past. Waiting for the “all-safe” from your doctor to hit the gym doesn’t make it any easier.

On top of all that, when returning to training, accepting that you cannot simply walk into the gym and pick up where you left off (even if you worked out your entire pregnancy), is another hard pill to swallow. The core muscles stretch and everything from your abdomen to your lower back is completely thrown out of whack.

With that said, the fantastic news is, there are plenty of exercises, like these five Pilates moves, that will not only strengthen your postpartum core but safely prepare your body for hitting it hard in the gym once again.

Safely Regain Your Strength Postpartum Designed by a personal trainer who specializes in postnatal exercises and getting new mothers strong, here we have five moves that will safely strengthen your postpartum muscles.

“During the postpartum period, these 5 exercises can help you get back into shape, prevent aches and pains, and rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor,” says Rachel Trotta, NASM-certified personal trainer, with specializations in women’s fitness, pre/postnatal, nutrition, and therapeutic exercise.

Trotta’s Postpartum Training Tips:

  • During any postpartum exercise, Trotta encourages you to “stay vigilant concerning symptoms like urine leakage or pelvic heaviness, and consult a pelvic floor physical therapist for personalized recommendations.” (If you had a C-section, wait for clearance from your doctor to resume exercise.)
  • Take your time and listen to your body when performing these exercises. “Although these five moves might look easy, doing them correctly can be challenging even for seasoned exercisers,” says Trotta.
  • Mama to mama, be gentle with yourself, wait for clearance from your doctor, and be sure to consult with a professional before jumping back into your long-missed sweat sessions.

Rachel Trotta is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) with specializations in women’s fitness, pre/postnatal, nutrition, and therapeutic exercise. Her mission is to empower women through movement to celebrate their strength, achieve their goals, and live happily in their bodies.

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The 5 Movements For a Healthy Postpartum Pilates Workout



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Originally posted 2022-08-31 12:13:45.