Vjoycar V60 Newest Head Up Display Auto Display OBD2+GPS Smart Car HUD Gauge Digital Odometer Security Alarm Water&Oil Temp. RPM

Price: 15,244.28

2022 Latest Software Head Up Display Modern Design HUD OBD2+GPS Smart Gauge Car Speedometer Security Alarm Water & Oil temp Overspeed RPM

OBD & GPS  (Dual Working Systems), Works on All Vehicles.(Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid, Trucks and  Motor cars and so on)

Product Functions:

1.OBD mode information display: vehicle speed, water temperature, voltage,fuel consumption, RPM, single travel mileage, single travel time, system time, intake pressure,oil temperature, gearbox oil / transmission Temperature, air-fuel ratio, turbo pressure, intake pressure, acceleration test, brake test, read data stream…

Alarm: Over-speed alarm, Speed alarm, High water temperature alarm, Low voltage alarm, Engine fault alarm, Clear fault code, Free switching between kilometer and miles,KM/h & MPH Switch freely,°C & ℉switch freely.

2. GPS mode information display: speed, travel time, satellite time, altitude, number of satellites, driving direction, single mileage, voltage, acceleration test, brake test.

Alarm: Over-speed alarm, Low voltage alarm, Free switching between kilometer and miles.

Product Highlights:

1.-OBD + GPS dual system, can work on all cars.If You Car OBD2 Protocol is Not Open, You Can Choose GPS Working System, GPS is Compatible with All Cars

2. -Two installation methods:1) stand on dashboard, 2) upside down on windshield

3. -The bracket can be rotated in 360 degree to adjust the visual angle and height.

4. -Speed Unit KM/H & MPH Switch freely;

5. -Turbine pressure: PSI and KPA switch freely.

6. -Fuel consumption units: KM/L and L/100KM, L/H;

Engine is on but Stationary (Speed is at 0): show instant fuel consumption, unit is L/H.

When car is in motion, the interface will automatically change into KM/L or L/100KM as your setting;

7.-The first HUD to show all data of OBD+GPS dual mode, no need to switch working system if OBD2 protocol is compatible.

8.-Add AMBIENT LIGHT:the default color is in Blue

When there is an alarm,change to red and flashing (remains the brightest) to Remind the driver.

9.-Modern design and high quality: New tooling design, driver can see the clock (right corner) all the time.

10.-9 kinds of different interface, you can choose any display interface you prefer.

11. 6 versions of different languages are available now: English, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and Thai, the default version is in English (please choose the version you need):

12. Support Update Software Remotely (Optional): Latest software updated in Jan, 2022

13.-Accept OEM & ODM Orders: Add Start-up Screen with your logo; Customize Package; Add new functions and display interfaces…

OBD+GPS Two Chipsets, Dual Working Mode, Can Work on All Vehicles:

Default working mode is OBD. If your car doesn't have obd port or obd2 is not compatible, pls go to "set" and off OBD, it will switch GPS. GPS will work on all vehicles.

9 Kinds of display interface, freely switch

This device has built in 9 kinds of interface, just click to the "OK" button to choose your favourite interface.

English version: (Default version)

Russian Version:

Korean Version:

Spanish Version:

Japanese Version:

Thai Version:

6 versions of different languages are available now, the default version is in English (please choose the version you need):

Smart Onboard Computer: More Features:

Support Update Software remotely and the latest version is as below:

2022 Vjoycar V60 3.0 Version (Latest software updated in June, 2022)

A. Software Updated
B. Compass Display Interface Updated
C. Compatible with more cars

D. Enter engine model to choose your car model as well as your own specific car data.

2 Kinds of Install Solutions:

Stand on the dash board or Upside-down on the windshield shown as below:


Details Makes Quality

The Best Device for Best You, OEM ODM are welcome:

Standard Package: OBD cable plug and play, start safety driving with a lot of fun:

Package List:

• Smart HUD Gauge VJOYCAR V60

• OBD connecting cable

• Velcro sticker

• Operating instructions


1. If set speed unit to KM/H, the water temperature unit will automatically be, driving distance unit will automatically be KM, fuel conusmption unit will automatically be L/100 KM.If set speed unit to MPH, the water temperature unit will automatically be, driving distance unit will automatically be Mile, fuel consumption unit will automatically be MPG.

2. The default display is in OBD2+GPS dual mode at the same time, but if the car don't have OBD2 protocol or the OBD2 protocol is incompatible, then pls go to "set" and off the OBD, it will switch to GPS working mode.

OBD2 working mode are not compatible with follow vehicles (Please switch GPS mode):

1. OBD mode can't work well on almost 80% cars before the year 2008
2. OBD mode can't work well on most oil and electricity mixing cars (hybrid cars), Pick up, Mini Bus…

also can't work on some old diesel powered cars, SUV, ORV…
3. Few Special Cars

if not sure, please contact us in advance.


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