Why Is My Snake Plant Drooping

The Sansevieria, or the snake plant, is considered one of the easiest house plants to grow. It requires very little care and can tolerate many conditions, such as no water, low light, and no fertilizer.

Sometimes, these plants can still have difficult moments. However, it usually is an easy fix if you notice your snake plant is drooping. This may be due to standing water, over-watering, pests, low humidity, or insufficient lighting.

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This article will discuss why your snake plant may be drooping and the solutions.

Six Reasons Your Snake Plant is Drooping

Too Much Water

The snake plant is a succulent that holds water in its leaves, making it tolerant of neglect. However, if there is standing water left in the pot or at the bottom of the planter, this may cause over-watering.

If you do not allow the soil to dry out, this may also cause over-watering. The over-watering can cause the plant to droop, eventually leading to root rot.

To fix this, it is important to let the soil dry out until you water it again. You may be dealing with root rot if it does not perk back up. If that is the case, you must clip the infected roots and repot the plant in fresh soil.

The Snake Plant Is Rootbound

If your snake plant has been growing quite fast and is now drooping, it may be bound to its pot. Checking the roots by removing the plant from the pot is important.

If you notice the roots are rootbound, it is time to repot your plant with fresh soil and a larger pot.

This will allow your snake plant to grow upright easily and have space to do so.

It Is Too Cold Or Under A Draft

It may be too cold in your house or outside, which is why your snake plant is drooping. 

If your plant is in an area under 50° degrees Fahrenheit, it is getting too cold. This will cause the plant to droop.

So it’s important to move the plant to a warmer spot throughout the winter.

If you notice that you placed your snake plant under an air vent, then it is most likely too dry. 

You can mist the plant frequently to create humidity. However, moving it to a place where the air is not constantly in the plant is best.

Not Enough Light

Even though snake plants are quite tolerant, they do best in some sunlight. They can handle shade for the most part, but they will sometimes need sunlight to grow. 

If these plants are not getting enough sun, they will eventually start to droop from not meeting their needs.

When you move your snake plant to a brighter place, you will notice that it will stand upright and also grow faster.

Too Much Light

If your snake plant gets over 8 hours of direct light per day, this will cause it to droop since it’s getting too much sun.

The solution would be to move it to a darker place with more shade.

Pests And Diseases

If your snake plant is overwatered and in a dry place, pests will normally start to appear around your plant. The pests will cause the plant to droop.

You can wipe down the leaves and use insecticide to wash the plant and eliminate all the pests. You should also get fresh soil for the plant to eliminate any hidden eggs or bugs.

If you do not want to use insecticide, use neem oil or mild dish soap. It is also important to ensure the water completely drains from the pot whenever you water your snake plant. Any water that stays will attract pests and fungus.

If you notice a disease, you can wash the plant similarly but with a fungicide. You should also prune any leaves with spots or ones that appear infected.

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Originally posted 2022-11-05 19:42:49.